the yishuns


The Upgrading

i stay with my father because i want to
not because i have to
because he pays the bills
and buys the shampoo
so i say thank you
but i don't have the balls to say
i love you

my mama's left and gone to heaven
not seven-eleven
though i think she'll love
to meet with elvis
who'll shake his pelvis
and make her giggle
because she is special

my brother and sister
they both have gone
overseas to
major in finance and business
they never came home
but they're on facebook
and their e-mails on Christmas says
"God Bless You!"

friends they say
i've no ambition
that i could well do
much better than i let myself into
i didn't mean to
lose my job again
but what can i do?

we live in a one-room flat
with linoleum for the floor
at night we roll out our beds
in December i'll be thirty-four!

* * *

©2011 the yishuns


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